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Elevate and Own Your Voice Program


The Elevate and Own Your Voice package is a customized white-glove coaching program. It is designed to help you build up confidence in your leadership presence so you can breakthrough to your next-level role.

We will work from the inside out, providing you with the skills and mindset to facilitate your transition into your next level position in an authentic and powerful way. 

Through powerful, thoughtful reflection, strategic planning, goal setting, and accountability, you'll leave with an actionable and achievable plan to obtain and succeed in that next level position you want on YOUR own terms.

The Elevate and Own Your Voice Package includes:

  • 12 bi-weekly 1:1 private coaching sessions. 

  • Guides on how to confront biases, salary negotiation, and promotion.

  • A suite of assessments.

  • Power-up networking tips.

  • LinkedIn optimization session.

  • Worksheets, resources, scripts, templates.

  • Unlimited email support in between sessions.

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The Elevate and Own Your Voice 

 package will take you on a 4 step journey

Start Your 4-Step Journey


Step into your power! Often we are our own worst enemies when working on our goals. Mindset is everything at the executive level. Abolish your fears and limiting beliefs. Confront your inner critic who tells you that you aren't good enough to have a seat at the table. Your confidence will strengthen by building awareness, defining your conscious values, clarifying your authentic vision, and learning how to adjust your thoughts to impact the results that you achieve.

  • “Breakthrough Leadership” Assessment: 10 page personalized report & debrief. It will reveal the #1 thing currently holding you back. 

  • Values Assessment and Exploration: A look back at the past to see where you are holding on to paradigms that don’t serve you anymore.

  • Learn how to overcome your limiting beliefs and stories that are not allowing you to fulfill your potential.

  • A full session devoted to confronting your inner critic, who has been keeping you safe (and away) from fully stepping into your power.

  • A complete guide on crafting your own personal vision and statement of purpose.

Step 1

Step 2


Build up your confidence by exploring your natural talents, strengths, and communication style. You will learn how to create, optimize, and leverage your narrative with the power of storytelling. Learn to build and foster trusting relationships by mastering key communications practices that leaders embrace. Also, learn how to hold your ground and win when facing difficult situations such as biases and microaggressions.


  • Identify your strengths and your superpowers with a Strengths Assessment and a Personality Assessment. 

  • Learn how to leverage your DISC communication style with a DISC Leadership Assessment and report.

  • Develop your Pitch (to be used in interviews, small intros, and more).

  • A complete session dedicated exclusively to executive communication strategies for the modern workplace.

  • Learn Biases and Microaggressions Jiujitsu- Learn how to confront the top biases and respond to microaggressions in the workplace with scripts included.

Step 3


 In this module, you will learn the secret sauce that successful executives possess.  Learn a faster route of how you can get there with a personalized, market-leading assessment and report.


  • Learn what Executive Presence is and the three main components of it. 

  • Learn the foundations of influence and emotional intelligence.

  • Access to a personalized leadership assessment with a report included.

  • Create and commit to YOUR principles. 

  • Personalized LinkedIn Assessment and  Coaching Session


Utilizing all the knowledge acquired until now, you are ready to position yourself for growth. From leveraging LinkedIn to building your personal board of directors, these strategies will set you up for success to ace your new role.

  • Build your Personal Board of Directors: Learn how to network effectively & strategically to get that coveted position, externally or internally. Networking scripts included.

  • Killer Salary Negotiation Tactics: step by step strategy & scripts.

  • How to win in your first 90 days at your new role- with complete checklist.

Step 4

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