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High Five


As a Certified trained coach, Intuitive, Reiki Practitioner, I leverage the principles of Energy Leadership™ to guide our coaching journey. We focus on cultivating self-awareness and understanding your Core Energy influencers and your Motivational Map, their significance, and their role in shaping your life.

Our coaching process commences with a comprehensive assessment. Based on the insights gained from this assessment, I will craft a personalized development plan tailored specifically to your needs. Within this plan, I will recommend relevant readings or provide additional resources as necessary.


Additionally, we will collaboratively address any internal obstacles that may be hindering your success.


  • Starts with 3 x 45 min sessions per month

  • 3-month commitment

  • Unlimited email support

  • 2 SOS Calls per month (30 min)


Investment Starts at $ 999 mo

Creative Office


In our group coaching cohorts, we conduct fully virtual sessions where we dive deep into crucial leadership topics that are highly relevant for today's top leaders. By applying the transformative principles of Energy Leadership™, we explore and address key leadership themes including confidence building, managing imposter syndrome, enhancing self-worth, mastering effective time management, learning to prioritize effectively, and establishing healthy boundary-setting practices. Throughout our journey together, we will thoroughly examine each of these topics, harnessing the collective power of the group setting to drive meaningful growth and development.


  • Weekly group coaching sessions (60 min)

  • 8-week program duration

  • Unlimited email

  • 1 personal 1:1 with Coach Beatriz

Client Success

Felicia Henry Pic.jpeg

Beatriz was the guiding light that I didn’t know I needed. When we first started sessions, I was unfamiliar with the process of coaching. Slowly but surely, I came to understand its significance. What I thought would be a pathway to becoming a better leader actually became a journey to becoming a better person, a better me. We especially unpacked the weight of being a person of color in the work environment and in my personal life, which led to all sorts of expectations and roles. I left every coaching session feeling heard and seen. I was confident that Beatriz was invested in me — the real me, not whom I thought I had to be. It is because of her encouragement and support that I was able to do the hard things that I could not have fathomed I would ever take the leap to do. It is because of Beatriz’s firm yet gentle push that I ended up achieving what I set out to, but not at the expense of myself. I cannot convey how many conversations I’ve had with my staff, friends, and family where they could see something had shifted in me because of the principles I learned in coaching. I will forever be grateful for our time.  I recommend Beatriz a thousand times over!

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