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"Transforming Leadership: Reaching the Next Level with the Power of Transformational Leadership"

Transformational Leaders

It´s officially Q2 and many middle managers may be gearing up for review and potential promotion time. The question is, how can mid-level managers position themselves for high-level promotions? Unfortunately, as perceived by others, leadership effectiveness will greatly influence promotion opportunities. Becoming a highly effective Transformational Leader is the key ingredient that many are missing. Let´s discuss:

To be an effective leader in 2023, we must first acknowledge that we are still in a post-pandemic era that is being defined and written. Strong and empathetic leadership was required during the pandemic, but this new world of work is more nuanced. Employees are no longer willing to tolerate toxic environments and are seeking greater work-life balance, value alignment, and stability/validation from their leaders.

As a mid-level manager, it may be challenging to provide all of these things to your team. However, managers have a leg up over the executive team-- still having “feet in the street” managers have the ability to shape and influence team culture. Great team culture can help to dissipate or avoid burnout, elevate recognition, and re-engage employees that have long checked out. Managers have the power to influence and shape how their team functions as a whole, and it is crucial to take advantage of this.

Creating a high-performing team is crucial for any manager's success in today's rapidly changing work environment. To build an innovative, collaborative, and motivated team, it is necessary to adapt your management approach to the current work era. If you are looking for ways to transform your management style and create a high-performing team in 2023, the following tips can help:

  1. Build trust by creating psychological safety through clear communication: One of the key ingredients of a high-performing team is trust. Practicing effective communication and creating a sense of psychological safety, so that your team feels comfortable sharing their ideas and opinions, is essential to trust-building. Listening more and speaking less allows team members to feel heard and understood. Additionally, it's important to have zero tolerance for behaviors that are not inclusive.

  2. Encourage true connections among team members: While work is important, it's also important to foster genuine connections between team members. As a manager, you can act as a connector by organizing team-building activities or simply creating opportunities for team members to get to know each other on a personal level.

  3. Encourage self-accountability: A high-performing team is made up of individuals who take ownership of their work and contribute their fair share. As a manager, it's important to address under-performers head-on and provide opportunities for improvement. However, if an individual continues to underperform, it's important to take action quickly and effectively.

  4. Remove obstacles for the team: As a manager, you are in a unique position to help your team by removing obstacles that stand in the way of their success. This can include providing them with the necessary resources, such as time or human support, to complete their work efficiently and effectively.

  5. Inspire through action and recognition: A high-performing team requires a leader who inspires through action and recognizes team members' achievements. As a manager, you can motivate your team by acknowledging their contributions and providing praise where it is due.

Diverse Female Leadership

By implementing these tips, mid-level managers can position themselves as highly effective Transformational Leaders and create a high-performing, engaged team. Remember, performance alone will not get you that next-level promotion. It is your leadership effectiveness, as perceived by others through your actions and your team's actions, that will greatly influence your promotion opportunities.

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