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Summer Series: Five Questions You Must Answer Before Taking a Career Leap

Summer is in full swing, and many of us are taking a well-deserved vacation. Yet, it seems that this summer is one where people are making significant moves.

I personally have noticed an uptick in clients re-thinking their career and life choices. And if history teaches us something when events like this happen, it is entirely normal for things to change ( think of the Renaissance after the plague). For many, this pandemic has been personal - the loss of a loved one, a trip to the ER, a near-death experience- are some examples that I personally heard of, just naming a few.

If you read my last summer series blog, I gave you several ideas to elevate yourself this summer. One of them was to make sure you take time for self-reflection and solitude, and journaling. In this blog, I will give you my five go-to questions that will allow you to effectively put that self-reflection time to good use and get the clarity you are seeking.

There will be a bonus question at the end, so keep reading!

1. How would you like people to remember you when you are no longer here?

I love this question. For one, it puts things into perspective and allows you to keep an eye on what is truly important to you. For many of us, thinking about our passing is a thought that we do not like- who does?! However, we live in such a fast-paced world that it is easy to lose precious time chasing things that are not truly important. This question will allow you to really get grounded on what you would like your mark to be in this world while you are here.

2. Who are you beneath all your "roles"?

This question resonates with a lot of my female clients. This question is so powerful because as we grow and evolve in our life (especially for us women), we adopt several roles, aka mother, wife, professional woman, and caregiver. Yet, we tend to forget who we are underneath all of those roles and, more importantly, what does that person really REALLY like to do.

3. Are you living according to the expectations and dreams of others or your own?

Similar to the previous question, this one also is one that also touches on the influence of outsiders on our lives. Sometimes, people enter professions or make life choices because they follow someone else's dreams (family, local community, or social media personalities). However, again, if you are thinking of a career change, it is crucial to ask yourself this question because you do not want to change just to realize that you are chasing a dream that is not your own.

4. What brings you true joy?

Ok, I know this question is vast. However, it will help your brain connect the dots to bring you more energy and vitality. Moreover, it will plant the seeds for you to identify possible career paths towards a fulfilling and sustainable life. The logic is simple, as Marie Kondo says:

"The best way to find out what we really need is to get rid of what we don't."

By asking this question, you will clearly see what you need to do more of and start designing actions towards that goal.

5. If you did not feel fear or shame, what would you do now?

One of my clients calls this one the "proclamation of independence question" because it allows you to liberate yourself of inner blocks and self-sabotage holding you back. When journaling on this question, try not to get hung up on the many "what aboutisms" or the stories that will come right at you. Instead, focus on exploring the possibilities and the many feelings that go with them.

Finally and as promised, here is my bonus question:

What is the most important thing for you at this very moment?

We are living in a world that moves at lightning speed. Thus, it's vital that before you jump into your next task on your to-do list, you are pausing to listen to what your body and spirit need right now and take some time this summer to do exactly that.

Alternatively, if you get stuck and need help, I'm here to help. Here is my CONTACT form. I'd be happy to schedule a time to sit down and go over what is standing between you and the life you envision.


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