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Four Key Strategies to Sustain Productivity and Performance

As a leadership and success coach, I get the privilege to partner with some of the most amazing get-it-done, high-performing professionals. Often with these clients, the question is not how to achieve but how to optimize for sustained success without getting burnout and losing confidence- and to awake the inner critic- in the process.

Below I will teach you the four proven strategies to do precisely that.

The secret to maintaining performance is to find ways to minimize interference.

There’s a formula well known amongst performance coaches, “Potential minus Interference equals Performance”. What this means essentially is that your best self — your potential — can be negatively impacted by other factors external and internal — interference. When you combine them, that’s your performance or the end result.

You may have the potential to do ten things today, but interference in its various forms may mean you only accomplish three. Maintaining performance and feeling productive is easier if you embrace the following four best practices.

Establish pit stops during the workday

Who doesn’t love a good car analogy? In Formula 1 or NASCAR races, you’ll frequently see the various drivers take a pit stop. The pit crew will change tires and make minor changes to the vehicle before the driver gets back into the race.

A pit stop is nothing more than a quick rest break. Now, apply that analogy to your career. A ten-minute pit stop can help get you back in the game quickly. Maintaining performance when you’re overworked or overextended is virtually impossible. A short rest in the middle of the day can boost your performance back to optimal levels.

Beware of the company you keep

I think we’ve all developed work friendships with someone who we later learn is a relatively toxic individual. Whether it’s because we were new to the organization or we hired someone, a blossoming friendship today can lead to reduced performance later.

As an example, someone once shared with me how they began to connect with an individual at their job. After a few months of getting to know each other, they discovered that this individual hated the organization. This person was bitter, frustrated, and performing well below expectations. Their attitude affected the person I know as it shaded their opinion of the company too.

The company we keep can take us down a few notches. Look for people who exude positivity. Like-minded individuals who can see the good in all situations will help elevate you. Together, you can grow with them, develop positive relationships, and maintain the same level of performance that you were made for.

Check on your values for alignment

Values and purpose are, for the most part, seldom discussed in a corporate setting, but one that, as intangible as it is, has a very powerful influence over your actions. In simple terms, if an action is not aligned with our purpose or we do not find it valuable, we tend to go into procrastination or avoidance mode.

The more you are clear and aligned with your conscious values and beliefs, the more energized and engaged you will be to take action. Equally, if you find yourself dragging your feet and procrastinating take a close look at what value or belief is getting in the way, and you will find that by leaning into perhaps another value, you can end the procrastination cycle.

Create an optimal environment for productivity

I know this might be hard overall if you live in a busy household, but having a dedicated “truly yours” space to do your best work is very important for optimal performance. The good news is that even if you have a small corner to work with, you can absolutely customize it. The key here is to tune in with yourself and understand under which environmental circumstance you are most productive?

I have a client who loves to go to the busiest and noisiest cafeteria to do her best work. While others like to have silence. Another client has a small space with a small shelf for a couple of plants and a candle. Find your own way towards what inspires your own flow and embrace that.

Focus on what you can control

We live in a world that demands more performance and productivity while also creating a constant barrage of distractions. My invitation to you is to focus on what you can control: your time, company, values and beliefs, and to a certain extent, your environment. This way you can perform at your best and fulfill your true potential in a sustainable balanced way.

If you need a little extra help, I’m here for you; schedule a time to chat. I’ll be in touch soon so we can go over your concerns and how you can maximize your performance every day!


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