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 Coaching 1:1 

As an iPec trained coach, I use the principles of Energy Leadership™. Together, we will focus on working from the inside out, increasing your awareness and the impact your Core Energy plays in your life.


We will start with a leadership assessment, and based on that, I will create your own customized development plan. As part of this plan, I will assign readings or other resources I see fit. Moreover, we’ll work on any internal roadblocks that are not allowing you to realize your leadership potential. Finally, at the end of our sessions, we will complete a final assessment to move you forward. 

Grow Your Career

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Lead Your Life

Set up a Call

Take an Assessment

Grow Your Career

1:1 Coaching Packages


  • 1  Assessment and debrief session

  • Customized plan

  • 9 x 50-minute sessions


  • 1 Strategy session

  • Choice of 2 assessments

  • Customized plan

  • Access to a personalized platform 

  • 11 x 50-minute sessions

  • Email support between sessions

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